In 2001, BanZ, Inc. found its start in "the land down under," one of the harshest UV climates in the world. One Australian's fruitless search for a proper pair of baby sunglasses for his infant son forced him to take action, leading to the development of the Original Baby BanZ wrap-around style sunglasses.

Baby BanZ are the keystone for the expanding BanZ Protection Collection

BanZ offers 100% UV protective Sunglasses, UPF Bucket Hats, UPF 50+ Swimwear, earBanZ Hearing Protection, UV Swim Goggles, UV Ski Goggles, Sunscreen and more to protect babies and kids head-to-toe no matter what the activity or season.

Adventure BanZ by Baby BanZ - Sunglasses for Infants and Children age 0 to 5 years Retro BanZ by Baby BanZ The Original Baby BanZ Adventure BanZ baby sunglasses and UPF 50+ sun hat combo gift set
The Original wrap-around sunglasses, Baby BanZ were originally designed in Australia for one of the world's toughest UV environments. Retro BanZ are oversized and made to keep your little ones looking fabulous and protected! This BanZ classic combo pairs two of our best selling products for the perfect gift!
BanZ Ear Muffs Infant earBanZ Hearing Protection BanZ One Piece UV 50+ Swim Suit Baby BanZ UV Swim Goggles

Built for Newborns BanZ earBanZ are great for ages 0-2 years.

Our suits are 3/4 sleeved to provide maximum protection and comfort. BanZ Swim Goggles are perfect for swimming lessons or at the beach in summer!